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The online world is teeming with exciting offerings from across the globe, with more online games being developed everyday. There are several top online games that have been around for quite a while now and continues to enchant millions of gamers around the world. Take a look at some of the more popular ones:

top online games

Free to play Online games are a good source of entertainment for all ages, from small kids to adults. The competitive gameplay creates it as one of the top most online games to play next year. With numerous online versions already available, you can now enjoy this without having to go out of your home, and you will definitely have fun with your friends and families from where ever you may be. Enjoy word or virtual chess, it s totally fun for everybody.

Adventure Games vs. Strategy Games: Another top online games that is sure to enchant the gaming enthusiasts the world over are adventure games such as Legend of Zelda or Fall of Rome. These engrossing games require no prior knowledge and are totally played out of the box. They involve trekking through an exotic jungle with magical creatures along with treasure hunts and challenging bosses. The adventure element in these top online games makes them all the more exciting and a perfect choice to pass the time when feeling bored.

Shooting Games: Shoot em ups are another top choice. Here you will need to select the target with a range of weapons ranging from simple pistol or machine guns to fully automatic rifles. These games are fast paced and very challenging. The action quickly escalates and thus one has to master their shooting skills to emerge victorious.

Card Games: Another action-packed and exciting game genre is the card games. These games involve playing a strategy game against an opponent who scores according to the luck of the draw. There are many card games available online, which are both free and paid versions. They include popular trivia card games like Uno or dominoes and many more. One can also try their hand at solitaire and see how well they have done. One can also try their hand at other casino games and poker to get a feel of online gambling.

RTS Games: The next on the list of top online games is the RTS games. These games involve space warfare and historical conflicts. They have been around for quite some time now and are still gaining popularity with time. These games are very popular among all the age groups and are very captivating. They involve complex strategies that need high concentration and fast reflexes.