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Top Free Online Games For Girls

Free games are a perfect option for entertainment in case you do not have much cash and have a limited budget. As they are completely free to download, there is no question of burning a CD or the player having to be transported. As they are popular with all age groups, you can find many of the top free online games for girls on any category of the internet. Girls can play at any time of day or night from the comfort of their home and enjoy themselves as much as the game allows them to.

top free online games

Some of the top free online games for girls include shooting, rpg and role playing. In the shooting category you have to choose from either gun shooting or rpg which are more popular. You can find several types of shooters depending on your taste. They are all very popular including counter strike, sniper nightmare, steam punk and many more. The mmorpg category includes both the classic PC games as well as the newer console ones.

If you like strategy games you can play a free online browser game of strategy games. These include Age of Empire, Territory War, Command and Conquer 3, Firepower 7, Universe At War, Railroads and Sum of Steel. Another cool strategy game is the Age of War Online. This has a multiplayer mode where you can pit your wits against the computer or another player and see who rules the realm. You can also choose to play as an army and battle it out with other players or just dominate the land by taking over the most cities.

One of the best online games for girls is Cookie Clicker. This is a very simple but addictive game, as the girls have to move the cookies without letting them get damaged. When a cookie is damaged it will turn into a number. Each girl has a cookie click meter and once it reaches the bottom of the meter you have to put it back on. If no one clicks on the cookies in a while the top girl becomes the winner. At the end there is a big prize to be won.

Another cool strategy game is the Age of Empire. In this free online browser game you have to build an empire by spreading out your civilization across the entire globe using several technologies like steam power, genetics and even nuclear weapons. The game has been improved with a whole new version called Age of Empire 2. In this version you have to build an empire using advanced technologies and conquer other cultures using superior fighting tactics.

Amongst the best free online games for girls you can also download the necessary software to make the progress faster. The action starts when you load up the game and the interface guides you through the starting menu. All you need to do is to put all your mouse movements into proper positions and enjoy playing this great strategy game that involves real skills and strategies. There are a few other online games that are not mentioned here like Godfathers of War, Age of Empire, and others but you can search the internet to find more games that you can download for free.